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Tag: Relationships

We make love blind!

“I love you.”

Most of the time, when this sentence is spoken, written or heard, it is used by a person who wants to express a strong, intense feeling of attraction, often infused with passion and desire for another human being.

Sisters: A brothers guide to survival

Following four years of undivided attention, love, and care, a new member joined the family; they called her ‘my sister.’
She looked so small and delicate, harmless and… Ugly!

A world of walls and armor

It was a moment of overwhelming hopelessness.The emotional pain was so intense it radiated to my bones, heart, and stomach.Every single aspect of my being had been attacked and obliterated…

I've met God

What is a god without power, if he has no power, is he indeed a god?

Time to cut loose

There are various situations in our lives, which will deliver us in a position where we must decide if we should cut someone or something loose.