The Next Generation: A force awakened or put asleep?

“Aah… Kids these days.”

“Well yeah, that’s the youth today!”

Everybody has overheard one of these phrases at least once in their lives, and most likely, when expressed, they were referring to you or your generation.

If not, then you were the one expressing it, which is very ironic, as there was a time you happened to be one of those damned kids.

Every generation is growing up to be the next, eager to judge the new one.

It amuses me to see that, time and again, they fail to recognize that every generation is responsible for the next one.

You believe that the ‘youth of today’ lacks respect?

Or you think ‘Kids these days’ are disengaged?

Did you ever bake a cake?

Or if you failed at that, did you bake cookies or muffins?

What shape did they have when you took them out of the oven?

Yes indeed, they had the shape of the mould you placed the dough in.

So, if one of the cookies had a dent in it… what should we inspect?

Inspecting the baking mould

Real baking moulds are quite static; change is impossible, any change would mean deformation, which would defeat the purpose of the mould.

The mental models used in upbringing and educational systems are more flexible. History shows how we continuously have adjusted standards and behaviour patterns.

But, like with grandmother’s baking mould, many social models are passed on from generation to generation. And just like the cookie is dented because of a damaged mould, so can a generation have “dents” because of inherited thinking patterns.

If you are ok with the charming dent in the cookie, there is no need to get rid of nanna’s baking mould. But if you want to make perfect cookies, perhaps you should consider buying a fresh one?

A recipe for disaster?

Of course, it’s not only the mould that determines how the cookie will end up.

Without the proper ingredients and the accurate measurements, the dough itself might fail to rise or rise to eagerly.

If this happens, you might not be following the recipe precisely, and if you did, perhaps the written down recipe contains a mistake?

If you feel like the new generations have become more distant or disrespectful, maybe you should check the followed recipe?

A dash of arrogance is good, a tablespoon of it will kill the taste.

A pinch of confidence might not be enough, perhaps add another teaspoon to make sure the cookie doesn’t crumble too much.

For an intense and rich taste, be generous when adding chunks of loyalty, honesty, and respect.

Finding the right balance between ingredients is essential in achieving the perfect flavour and structure.

At 175° Celsius

Even with a perfect shaped mould, and precisely measured ingredients, this is the finalizing and most crucial part.

While Grandma baked her cookies in a gas oven, you probably are baking yours in a high technological 4D hot air electrical oven.

Today, the environment where children grow up in is much different from the ones where you or your parents grew up in.

Presently, many parents both go out working to provide for the necessities of the family.

IF parents are still together, that is…

Many mothers or fathers are taking care of their children individually after separations. Which also means the parents both are working to provide for the family’s needs. This results that more people are involved in the raising of children be it by yourself, family members, friends or nannies.

Just like a 4D hot air oven, energies from every direction affect how a new generation will rise.

But no matter which oven, gas or electrical (no matter how many D’s), it is always possible to bake your cookies perfectly. It just takes some effort for you to understand how the oven works. It is up to you to create the perfect environment, choose the right setting and the right “temperature.”

The question is not if we will put the cookies in the oven or not. Just like the dough, children need to be exposed to these influences to get them ready.

While children seem to be more independent now, it would not be right to start treating him like full-grown adults too soon. We could say you are pulling out the cookies out of the oven while they are half-baked, while they look firm on the outside, inside, they are still moist and soft, not fully developed, nor ready.

On the other hand, do not suppress your children too much, and understand they are individuals craving for independence. If not, you will end up with dry, hard and uneatable cookies.

Fresh out of the oven

Once out of the oven, the cookie’s capability to handle its environment and the impact of time, will all be dependent on the quality of the ingredients, the preparation, and the actual baking process.

True, you can put real cookies in a jar, but that is not the case with your kids. The analogy here implies that once your “cookies” are out of the oven, they are ready to start their own lives, make their own decisions and maybe one-day bake cookies of their own.

With real cookies, you can use preservations to make sure they don’t go bad. It is possible to apply same methods when raising kids.

Integrity is an excellent preservation!

By showing children what it means to live by strong moral principles, and teach them righteousness, you will provide them with proper tools to live a long and fulfilling life. Apart from that, you will give them the instruments that will enable them to teach the same values to their own Children.

Successful at life

Although many are concerned about the future of the world and humanity upon it, judging by the increasing rate of pollution and deforestation, it seems we are not concerned enough.

Are you still putting your money on current leaders and governments for the restoration of the situation? Looking at the recent developments in political and governmental changes, and the leaders leading their countries, I am afraid you put your money on the proverbial ‘bearskin.’

Wake up! The next leaders are living in your own houses!

They are ready to be moulded and taught valuable lessons.

Let’s stop wasting time in teaching them how to be successful businessmen & women, how to make masses of money and walk over others to achieve it. We do not need more of those!

Teach them to be successful in life, teach them principles and ideals, teach them to be a human being, teach them about community, teach them about equality, teach them about the importance of Nature and the preservation of our planet earth!

Grow them into the leaders we would like to see today!

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