Human Under Construction

A human being is a being who is constantly ‘under construction,’ but also, in a parallel fashion, always in a state of constant destruction.” – Jose Saramago


Reaching the conclusion that you are in control of who you are, is a revelation that comes to people at different ages. Some may find out when still very young, others take some more time to figure it out, while some just never do.

For the largest part the faith of your personality has been signed upon your conception, embedded in the genetic code that you inherited from both your parents. Your personality has continued to be molded unbeknownst to you from birth, by the people around you during your formative years.

Along with your parents, family members, teachers, friends and even surroundings were all involved in your development. Your opinions, beliefs and goals all find their origin in what was taught to you and what you experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

‘When the earth trembles’

The said revelation normally occurs in a time of crisis, when one or more of these levels is being shaken to the core. These situations may force you to step back step back and re-evaluate yourself. Sometimes it has to happen a few times before you really start noticing some cracks or leaks in the foundations of the ‘building’ that is your personality.

Yes, you can apply a quick fix, patch up those cracks and close off that leak, but in fact you are actually denying yourself the opportunity to grow and evolve. Those cracks and leaks are sure to be a sign of a bigger issue, which if you continue to ignore with a quick fix, will only lead to bigger damage in the future.

The truth is that if those cracks run all the way down the foundation, there is no use for further construction until you find the source and fix it. Perhaps you should check out what’s going on?

‘Building inspection’

As with a real building, you have to start digging and look on how the structure is supported.

Are your beliefs or values still valid? How are they supported?

And yes, it could very well be that the groundwork was great at the moment the building started. But it seems the earth has shifted, and extra support will be needed.

Seems like you even will need to take down that wall, and rebuild it…

In this ever moving and shifting world, we constantly need to evaluate who we are and where we are at. Not only opinions, beliefs and values are subject to changes, the environment itself in a constant flux…

The biggest challenges lie in deciding on where and when we need to; stand our ground, or adapt. It is not because things are changing, we are obliged to change with it, otherwise we just end up like a leaf in the wind.

‘Reasons & Motivation’

And so, we come to the ultimate motivation for me to start writing this blog.

Some time ago a major event occurred in my personal life, and it felt like the ground had shifted from beneath me.

During the year that followed whilst I was clearing up the broken pieces, I realized I was the one in control of my personal development. I promised myself I would not allow others to take control of it any longer. So, it was up to me!

Before I could start rebuilding, I had to consider how I was constructed and what was still standing. And although I had a great foundation to work from, I even still had to tear down some remaining walls.

After five years of rebuilding, I stand here looking at the result.

And while my walls of opinions, values and beliefs look similar, they have been upgraded and strengthened. I also have installed some new big windows to let in the fresh wind that brings forth the change.

But if you think my work is finished, then you are mistaken to believe there is something like a finished project in personal development.

We are under constant construction!

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